Nintendo Switch 2: Backward Compatibility Revealed

Since the latter half of last year, there has been a continuous stream of news about the Nintendo Switch 2, signaling that Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console is drawing ever closer to its audience. Reports had previously suggested that the Nintendo Switch 2 would launch on September 24, 2024, though it might be postponed to November, with Nintendo prepared for both scenarios.

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According to Wccftech, recent information from Portugal indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature backward compatibility and has already been made available to game developers for testing. It remains uncertain whether there will be enhancements to existing games or to what extent, but this move makes Nintendo’s upcoming hardware more appealing, assuaging concerns that the new console might lack a robust lineup of games at launch.

In October of last year, Doug Bowser, the President of Nintendo of America, discussed the challenges of declining sales during console transitions. Nintendo aims to minimize the sales drop between console generations as much as possible. Bowser stated that he couldn’t reveal any features of the new device, but emphasized that the vast community of gamers provides a solid foundation for communication during the transition period.

Details about the Nintendo Switch 2 are still scarce, but rumors suggest the new console will feature a custom T239 chip from NVIDIA, manufactured using Samsung’s 7LPH process. The CPU is expected to have eight Cortex-A78 cores, while the GPU might boast 1280 CUDA cores, supporting not only ray tracing but also ray reconstruction technologies, and potentially utilizing DLSS technology to enhance frame rates.