Nintendo rumored to delay release of Nintendo Switch 2: Postponed to March 2025

Since the latter part of last year, whispers and murmurs about the Nintendo Switch 2 have been circulating, hinting that Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console is drawing ever nearer to gamers worldwide. Reports had previously suggested a release date of September 24, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch 2, though delays pushing the launch to November were also considered a possibility.

According to Wccftech, multiple sources have conveyed identical news that Nintendo has decided to postpone the release of the Nintendo Switch 2, with the specific reasons remaining undisclosed for the time being.

It has come to light that the launch of Nintendo’s next-gen gaming console has been deferred to March 2025, with third-party game developers being notified of this delay. This news is bound to be met with disappointment by the gaming community. Rumor has it that one of the reasons behind this decision is Nintendo’s desire to debut the Nintendo Switch 2 with a more compelling lineup of first-party games, in addition to providing more time to clear out inventory of the current console.

Currently, details regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 are sparse. Rumors suggest the new console will feature a custom Nvidia T239 chip, manufactured using Samsung’s 7LPH process. Its CPU is said to comprise eight Cortex-A78 cores, while the GPU section is rumored to include 1280 CUDA cores, not only supporting ray tracing and even light reconstruction technology but also capable of utilizing DLSS technology to enhance frame rates. Recent reports indicate that the Nintendo Switch 2 will possess backward compatibility features, which have already been made accessible to developers and are currently under testing.