Nintendo has sold 85 million Switch portable videogame consoles

Recently, Nintendo of Japan announced its March 2021 financial report. Simply put, it is a summary of the annual sales from April 2020 to March 2021. It can be seen that a total of 84.59 million game consoles were sold. Hardware unit sales for the entire Nintendo Switch family of systems rose by 37.1% year-on-year to 28.83 million units. That breaks down to sales of 20.32 million units of Nintendo Switch and 8.51 million units of Nintendo Switch Lite.

Chrome support Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

In terms of game software, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released last fiscal year, posted sales of 20.85 million units for a cumulative sales total of 32.63 million units, contributing greatly to the overall growth in software sales. Among titles released this fiscal year, Super Mario 3D All-Stars had sales of 9.01 million units, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury sold 5.59 million units. In addition to these Nintendo titles, sales of titles from other software publishers also continued to grow steadily. There were 36 million-seller titles this fiscal year, including titles from these other software publishers. Even though Switch has been in its fourth year of development, it is still competitive, and both revenue and sales volume have increased significantly over the previous year.

Nintendo statement explains: “Sales of Nintendo Switch hardware and software both have performed well since the start of the fiscal year, contributing to the overall increase in sales. Nintendo Switch sales have grown in all regions.”