New Windows 10 Insider builds version will be resumed early next year

According to the previous news, the Christmas holiday is approaching, and most of the Microsoft engineers have to take vacations, so the change of Windows 10 Insider will be temporarily stopped.

At present, the news has been confirmed by the Windows 10 development team. The development team stated that the Build 21277 pushed this week is the last development version of this year.

In fact, this version is just a bugfix version, because it did not bring any substantial changes, it is probably that Microsoft engineers are going to end the development this week.

Next week will be the Christmas holiday for Microsoft engineers. Most Microsoft engineers will take a vacation, and only some engineers will be on duty to deal with emergency security vulnerabilities.

During the holidays, the Windows 10 cumulative update will continue to maintain the original update rhythm, and the cumulative update and development version with a test nature will temporarily stop updating.

In the new year, Microsoft’s focus will be the Windows 10 21H2 version released in the fall of next year, and the new version will bring us more new features.