New Lenovo gaming notebook with Core i7-13700HX appears on Geekbench

A few days ago we mentioned that Razer’s new gaming notebook is equipped with a Core i9 13900HX, and recently another Lenovo notebook with a Core i7 13700HX also appeared on Geekbench.

The graphics card of this notebook is RTX 3070 Ti Laptop, and the OpenCL running score is 34706. For comparison, the UHD Graphics 770 scored 9253 and the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop scored 119528. It is very likely that a driver problem or abnormal frequency caused such a result.

Although some netizens broke the news as early as July that the core code of the GeForce RTX 40 series mobile version was revealed, from the current point of view, it is very unlikely to see notebooks equipped with the 40 series mobile version before the end of the year. Based on experience with previous GeForce RTX 30 series releases September 2020 for desktop and January 2021 for mobile. There is a high probability that NVIDIA will choose to officially release the GeForce RTX 40 series mobile version at CES 2023.