Netcraft July web server survey report released

Netcraft July 2021 Web Server Survey has been released. This report can help people understand the number of global websites and server market share. In this investigation, Netcraft received replies from 1,216,435,462 sites from 262,098,666 domains and 1, 1,260,130 network-oriented computers. This shows that 3.16 million sites, 1.99 million domains, and 161,000 computers have been added.
Among them, nginx added 7.99 million sites, followed by an additional 1.36 million sites supported by OpenResty, while the number of sites supported by Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) dropped by 1.92 million. OpenResty is a web server based on nginx. Among the 75.4 million sites using OpenResty, more than 12 million are Tumblr microblogging websites under the domain. OpenResty was originally sponsored by Yahoo China and Taobao before 2011, but Taobao now maintains its own Tengine web server, which is also based on nginx. There are currently 11.3 million websites in use.

Although nginx has acquired the most sites, computers, and domains this month, and continues to lead in these indicators, it has lost its most active sites and its presence in the top million sites has also dropped by the largest number.

The largest increase in active sites is Google (+1.02 million), and Cloudflare is the only major supplier to increase its share of the top million sites.

Apache still has the most active sites and the largest million sites, and nginx ranks second in these two indicators.