NAS4Free release, open source network storage system


The NAS4Free operating system can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share computer data storage over a computer network. ‘NAS’ as in “Network-Attached Storage” and ‘4Free’ as in ‘Free and open source’, NAS4Free is the simplest and fastest way to create a centralized and easily-accessible server for all kind of data!

It supports sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems. It includes ZFS, Software RAID (0,1,5), disk encryption, S.M.A.R.T / email reports etc. with following protocols/services: CIFS/SMB (samba), Samba AD, FTP, NFS v4, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, iSCSI, UPnP, Bittorent, Syncthing, VirtualBox and noVNC, Bridge, CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol) and HAST (Highly Available Storage).

  • Backup
  • NAS
  • File Server

NAS4Free released.


  • Upgrade to FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-P6.
  • Update translations.
  • Some webgui code improvements.
  • Add option to make USB devices available in virtualbox-ose.
  • Add swap mode option for zroot.
  • Add CPU microcode update feature option.
  • Add ability to define access methods for unknown USB mass storage devices. – Add syslog.conf webgui pages.
  • Upgrade lcdproc to 0.5.9.
  • Upgrade proftpd to 1.3.6.
  • Upgrade rrdtool to 1.7.0.
  • Upgrade tmux to 2.6.
  • Upgrade phpvirtualbox for 5.2.x.
  • Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.43.7.
  • Upgrade iperf3 to 3.3.
  • Upgrade smartmontools to 6.6.
  • Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.48.
  • Upgrade mDNSResponder to 878.1.1.
  • Upgrade minidlna to 1.2.1.
  • Upgrade dmidecode to 3.1.
  • Upgrade cdialog to 1.3-20171209.
  • Upgrade samba to 4.7.4.
  • Upgrade devcpu-data to 1.15-1.
  • Upgrade sudo to 1.8.22.
  • Upgrade virtualbox-ose to 5.2.6.
  • Upgrade tzdata to 2018c.
  • Upgrade jQuery to 3.3.1.
  • Upgrade transmission to 2.93.
  • Upgrade rsync to 3.1.3.
  • Upgrade nano to 2.9.3.
  • Upgrade php to 7.2.2.
  • Upgrade bash to 4.4 patch 18.
  • Upgrade gzip to 1.9.
  • Upgrade syncthing to 0.14.44.


  • Fix snmp start, hrPrinterTable: printcap entry for <noname?> has errors.
  • Fix define class before inheriting.
  • Fix issues embedded upgrades.
  • Fix shifting parameters in smartd extra parameters.
  • Fix samba order of vfs module.
  • Fix filemanager extended privileges.
  • Fix bug in email setup.
  • Fix remove geli flags before deleting a geli device.


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