MSI showcases Z790 with WiFi 7 support and B650 motherboard

While Intel plans to upgrade its Core desktop processors this year, the architecture will not see any changes, hence the original LGA 1700 interface will be retained. Consequently, there will be no new motherboard chipsets, and existing Intel 600/700 series motherboards will be able to accommodate the new processors. Despite this, manufacturers are not going to remain idle; MSI, for instance, showcased their Z790 ACE MAX motherboard at the Taiwanese Computer Exhibition.

The “MAX” suffix in MSI’s nomenclature typically signifies an upgrade based on the original product. According to Benchlife reports, the Z790 ACE MAX motherboard supports WiFi 7 wireless networking and 5GbE wired networking, a noticeable upgrade from the WiFi 6E and dual 2.5GbE network cards of the existing Z790 ACE motherboard.

Moreover, MSI unveiled the B650 Project Zero, an mATX motherboard featuring a back-insertion design. All the connection ports have been moved to the back of the motherboard, promising more convenient cable management when paired with compatible cases. The face of the motherboard is predominantly covered by heat dissipation armor, lending a remarkably tidy visual effect. Presumably, it may feature three M.2 ports, but the exact specifications of the motherboard remain uncertain at this stage.