MSI releases new MPG CORELIQUID D series AIO

MSI has announced the launch of its brand-new MPG CORELIQUID D Series all-in-one liquid coolers. The inaugural products in this series are the MAG CORELIQUID D240 and MAG CORELIQUID D360, both featuring a sleek black design. MSI asserts that these new Frost Water Coolers will redefine the paradigm of competitive excellence.

The MAG CORELIQUID D240 and D360 correspond to 240mm and 360mm specifications, respectively. Each cooling unit is equipped with an embedded 60mm cold head fan and a 2.4-inch IPS display, enabling features such as hardware monitoring, video and image uploads, a system clock, and real-time weather updates. These functions are customizable through the MSI CENTER software. The coolers incorporate the Asetek solution and 6th-generation blade fans. Both the fan and water pump speeds can be independently controlled to suit different user scenarios. They support the latest mainstream platforms from Intel and AMD, namely LGA 1700 and AM5. The triple-layer mesh tubing effectively reduces the evaporation rate of the cooling liquid.

MSI has not yet disclosed the pricing or specific release date for the MPG CORELIQUID D Series all-in-one liquid coolers.