Microsoft may choose to launch Windows 12 in June next year

Last year, there were reports that Microsoft planned to alter its Windows development strategy and adjust its system upgrade cycle. The plan entailed releasing a major version of Windows every three years, with four scheduled functional updates annually. The next-generation Windows 12 operating system, anticipated for release in 2024, is expected to introduce a novel user interface, support for new hardware, and new API compatibility. In an interview conducted in October this year, Intel’s Chief Financial Officer, David Zinser, also hinted that Windows 12 is slated to arrive next year.

According to CTEE, Microsoft is poised to launch Windows 12 in June 2024, a move expected to trigger a new wave of sales in Artificial Intelligence (AI) PCs. Industry leaders from companies like Acer, Quanta, MSI, and Gigabyte have expressed excitement about the inaugural year of AI PCs and the business opportunities it presents. Industry insiders believe that AI will not only drive sales of PC products and servers but also catalyze the development of automotive electronic devices, contributing to the industry’s accelerated growth.

Following the initial plan to release a major version of Windows every three years, Windows 12 is expected to arrive in the latter half of next year. If this proves accurate, it would mean an earlier release than previously anticipated, possibly indicating Microsoft’s eagerness to expand its operations. Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake is poised to support this new operating system.

Rumors suggest Microsoft is also developing an ARM architecture-based proprietary chip, intended to synergize with the upcoming Windows 12 operating system, enhancing device performance and efficiency for an improved user experience. Current trends indicate that support for hardware AI processing may become one of the minimum requirements for Windows 12.