MSI Claw: New Updates Unlock Massive Performance Gains

Recently, MSI provided updates for the BIOS and Arc graphics drivers for the recently released Claw handheld console, with version numbers E1T41IMS.106 and, respectively. Approximately one week later, MSI introduced another update, advancing to the Intel Arc graphics driver version

MSI reports that after updating the BIOS and Arc graphics drivers, the Claw handheld is capable of smoothly running the top 100 popular games on the Steam platform, offering players an exceptional mobile gaming experience. MSI has released reference test data showing that these updates, using BIOS version E1T41IMS.106 and Arc graphics driver, can enhance game performance significantly, with some games seeing improvements of up to 150%—for instance, “7 Days to Die.” Other titles, such as “Monster Hunter: World” and “Cyberpunk 2077,” have experienced performance boosts of over 50%.

Furthermore, to ensure that the Claw handheld maximizes the benefits of the new BIOS and Arc graphics drivers, MSI officially recommends players use specific settings during gameplay to achieve the best gaming experience. MSI also emphasizes its ongoing collaboration with Intel to continually enhance the performance of the Claw handheld.

Players can now download the latest BIOS version from MSI’s official website, and the newest Arc graphics drivers from Intel’s official site, or update online using MSI Center M. Additionally, players have the option to update the BIOS directly within the Windows environment without needing an external USB flash drive or dock, significantly simplifying the process. For detailed instructions on updating the BIOS, refer to the guidelines in the BIOS file or consult MSI’s official website.