Mozilla Firefox v91.0 supports Windows 10 SSO

Recently, Mozilla Firefox v91.0 was released. At that time, Firefox mainly introduced the new version of HTTPS intelligent detection in incognito mode.

Now Mozilla has announced all the main features of the new version, including support for Windows 10 SSO single sign-on and improving user interaction response speed. If you have already installed the Firefox browser, please go to the menu and check for updates in About Firefox.

For Firefox, this should be a feature worth paying attention to. After all, most users now use Windows 10 systems and Microsoft online accounts.

The so-called Windows 10 single sign-on refers to the ability to read the account that has been logged in to the system for quick verification, such as using Windows Hello for verification.

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Browser support the above function, which can help users simplify the steps and log in quickly. Now Firefox also supports this function.

After upgrading to the latest version, please go to the Firefox browser settings, privacy, and security, login and password, and check to allow the use of Windows 10 single sign-on.

Later, if you log in to your Microsoft account using the Firefox browser, you can choose Windows Hello authentication, which supports fingerprint, face, iris, and PIN code login.