Mozilla Accuses Apple, Google, and Microsoft of Market Manipulation

Mozilla recently criticized technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft for leveraging their operating systems’ dominant market positions, resulting in an unlevel playing field that hampers browsers like Firefox from competing fairly.

In its statement, Mozilla contends that these tech behemoths exploit their market dominance through operating systems to favor their preloaded browsers, thereby increasing their usage rates. This dominance complicates the download of alternative third-party browsers for users, restricts third-party browsers from using specific service features, or even mandates the use of a designated browser engine within their operating systems, such as Apple’s requirement for browsers on iOS to utilize its WebKit engine.

Mozilla 25 years

Mozilla underscores its commitment to maintaining a competitive balance in internet technology through its Firefox browser. However, the scale formed by tech companies through their operating systems grants their software services a competitive edge, making it challenging for Firefox to become the default browser across various operating systems or to integrate data like history, bookmarks, or cookies.

Previously, Mozilla collaborated with Harvard Business School on a research project that enrolled 12,000 participants from Germany, Spain, and Poland to test the preference for browsers through a single list selection. This study aimed to understand user preferences when choosing browsers. The findings revealed that many design details could influence the final browser choice, especially if users are initially prompted to decide through a device’s default browser. Unless users have a clear preference or habit of using a particular browser, there’s a high likelihood they will continue using the default browser.