Mobile Apps That Can Aid in Your Oral Health

Have you ever considered how mobile applications can improve your dental health? Mobile apps are an essential part of our lives.

They can provide us with the information we need, as well as keep people connected, and help people manage their busy schedules all at the same time. But besides being a fantastic tool in our lives, they can also help improve our oral health.

This article discusses how certain mobile apps can help improve and benefit oral health. This write-up also discusses and recommends mobile applications that can aid dental hygiene.

Now that everyone has a smartphone, dental professionals should use this technological advancement to advocate for good oral hygiene. As such, dental health apps have become increasingly popular. If you require a dental clinic, go to this site.

Best Mobile Apps for Oral Health

Here are some of the best mobile apps for maintaining dental health.

Mobile apps for adults:

1. BrushDJ

The American Dental Association recommends that you take at least two minutes to brush your teeth daily. With a timer, it is easier to know how long two minutes should be.

The BrushDJ app allows users to pick any song from their phones and play it for two minutes.

You can play your favorite song while brushing your teeth to make using the timer seem less like a chore. This practice is also an excellent way for your child to brush their teeth correctly.

BrushDJ reminds you to brush twice a day and encourages flossing as well. It also reminds you of your next dental appointment or teeth cleaning. Taking care of your teeth can be fun when you find a way to make it feel less like a task.

2. Trayminder

For people with aligners, the app ensures that you get the best possible results from your dental tool. Aligners can make a big difference in your smile, but keeping up with how long you should wear them can sometimes take work.

The Trayminder app effectively monitors your orthodontic appliance wear and helps you stay on track with treatment.

A timer screen tracks how long you have had each aligner in and the time remaining for them to be worn. If you need to remove your aligners for a short period, then the reminder screen will alert you when it is time to re-insert them. You can also count down the days until treatment is completely over.

3. Tend Dental

The Tend Dental app allows dental patients to book appointments online. You can make and reschedule visits through the app without having to call your dentist’s office.

Setting up an account is relatively quick and easy. Completing this paperwork in advance will save you time later.

The Tend Dental app allows users to track their dental treatment plans, checkups, and recommendations from dentists.

There are also informative articles on several dental topics, including dental implants. They are useful for anyone who wants to learn more about dental technology and good oral hygiene.

Mobile apps for kids:

1. Disney Magic Timer

This brushing timer from Disney is great for kids. Over two minutes, a virtual toothbrush reveals a picture of beloved Disney characters.

The app reminds kids to switch from one part of the mouth to another every thirty seconds, ensuring that each area gets a thorough brushing.

It gives kids a visual example of how to brush their teeth and rewards them with virtual stickers when they complete the task.

2. Brush Monster

Made with kids’ oral health education in mind, Brush Monster is an AR (augmented reality) toothbrush similar to Chomper Chums.

This program takes only three minutes, but children will learn how to brush their teeth correctly.

Stars are awarded to users after each session and can be used for different activities within the app.

Benefits of Dental Mobile Apps

Dental apps offer several advantages, including improving oral health and dental care practices:

  • Helps develop innovative oral care solutions
  • Helps educate people of all ages about dental health
  • Gives increased access to dental care treatments
  • Makes dental care more convenient for patients
  • Ensures dental practices render better customer service

How Do Dental Mobile Apps Work?

All dental apps work uniquely, depending on what they are meant to accomplish. Some apps provide tooth-brushing assistance, and some help children learn about oral health.

Some apps can help clients and dentists by informing users of the best time to visit a dentist’s office. Patients can choose a time and dental office from a list provided by dental appointment software.

In the end, many apps can help improve oral health. Not only can they let you access valuable information regarding dental hygiene, but they can also help keep you connected to your dentist.