Microsoft’s Project xCloud currently supports more than 2,000 games

Project xCloud

Image: xbox

Microsoft recently introduced various improvements to the company’s cloud game project Project xCloud on the XBOX WIRE official blog. The project is currently not released but is tested by Microsoft employees within Microsoft, and the development team then improves based on feedback from internal colleagues. Microsoft said that the project has now supported more than 2000 XBOX ONE games and is powered by Microsoft’s Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. To ensure a smooth experience for players around the world, Microsoft built a dedicated server for xCloud on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Image: Xbox

Microsoft also re-emphasized in blogs that all games do not require additional adaptation because Microsoft uses the same standard of XBOX ONE to run games in the cloud. Of course, Microsoft itself has developed the XBOX XDK development kit, using the new API interface to add streaming support to the XBOX ONE game console. This means that the three generations of XBOX series consoles can run cloud games directly without the need for users to download the game to a local device before playing the game.

Of course, as for when Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform will be officially launched, it is still unknown. Microsoft has not disclosed any relevant time plans.