Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Microsoft’s Linux-Powered IoT Security Service, Azure Sphere officially launched

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After years of testing and preview, Microsoft has finally officially launched the Azure Sphere service to the public to make IoT devices more secure. It originated from the Sopris project of Microsoft Research and is characterized by a combination of multiple measures at the software and hardware levels, including a microcontroller developed specifically for the Linux operating system. Microsoft originally announced Azure Sphere in 2018 and officially launched on February 24 this year.

Image: Microsoft

The good news is that Microsoft offers the Azure Sphere service with its certified microcontrollers, processors, memory, storage, IoT-capable microcontrollers, and Linux OS and cloud security service integration. In addition, Azure Sphere supports security services such as authentication, threat response, and device and application failure information.

“IoT is in the science-fair stage. Every enterprise is doing at least one experiment here. But security is really keeping them from going to scale, ” said Galen Hunt, a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and managing director of Azure Sphere.