Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Microsoft’s latest cumulative update not only causes a blue screen but also affects sound cards and network connections

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Microsoft pushed to the Windows 10 Version 1903/1909 a cumulative update of C/D type with a test nature to fix search problems.

This cumulative update with test nature will only be received by users clicking manually to check for updates, so most users will not receive a push for this update.

But even so, many users actively installed this cumulative update and found that this cumulative update did not completely fix the search problem and brought a blue screen of death.

The cumulative update is KB4532695 and there are still more problems found, such as the user’s sound card is abnormal, and the network is abnormal.

Windows 10 mapped network drive

At present, many users in the Microsoft official community have reported network problems. Some of these users are experiencing problems with the network card disappearing or the network being unable to connect.

I installed the update Saturday afternoon and immediately the sound stopped working. I’ve rolled the patch back…no resolution. I’ve tried to update the drivers but Windows tells me that it doesn’t recognize my speakers. Last night, I did a complete reinstall of Windows, nothing. It was working perfectly before the patch installed on February 1. Will this be corrected soon? I’ve followed every piece of advice in every forum without resolution,” an annoyed user wrote in a forum post.

Many users find that the sound card driver disappears directly after the cumulative update is installed or restarted, or the driver is still there, but there will be problems when playing audio.

When encountering this problem, users first try to reinstall the driver. Fortunately, most users can restore the normal use of the sound card after reinstalling the sound card driver.

Via: WindowsLatest