Microsoft Xbox mini fridge will start accepting pre-orders on October 19, the price is $99.99

In June this year, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox mini fridge has become a reality to fulfill the promise made in the fan support event on Twitter on April 1 this year, proving that this is not an “April Fools’ Day joke.” The reason is that when Microsoft announced the new generation of game console Xbox Series X last year, many netizens complained that its shape was not very good, and it was too much like a refrigerator.

The Xbox mini fridge has the same black paint as the Xbox Series X, it flashes green when opened, and can hold about 10-12 330ml of soda. Microsoft has said that the Xbox mini fridge will become “the most powerful mini-fridge in the world”, with Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture, which can cool all canned drinks, suitable for hardcore Xbox gamers. In addition, the Xbox mini-fridge comes with a power adapter, which is convenient for users to carry. It is even equipped with a USB port to charge mobile phones or wireless headsets when necessary.

According to a report by TomsHardware, the Xbox mini refrigerator will start accepting pre-orders on October 19, the price is $99.99/ £89.99. Exclusively available in the U.S. by Target, Canada is shipped from the Xbox Gear store, GAME is responsible for the UK region, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland can be purchased from GameStop EU. Although Microsoft will start accepting reservations next week, the actual delivery will have to wait until December this year.

In any case, the friendly interaction between Microsoft and users this time will definitely increase the goodwill of many players.