Microsoft Windows10 S can be easily hacked


Microsoft announced the Win 10 new version of Win 10 S at the 2017 Developer Conference, which is aimed primarily at schools and the Ministry of Education. Microsoft said that in order to increase security, this system does not allow the installation of applications other than Windows Store. Although the restrictions on the installation of external applications, Microsoft is confident that this way Win 10 S can not be any type of extortion virus locked.

To test system reliability, Microsoft hired a security company to conduct an intrusion test. Although the operator is trying to run with the upgrade permissions on the process by the multiple restrictions but eventually succeeded in breaking Win 10 S line of defense. They use the macros command to create macros based on the Word document, which allows him to start anti-injection DLL injection attacks, so you can bypass the Microsoft Windows Store restrictions.


Word’s Protected View feature blocks macros from files downloaded from the Internet or e-mail, so the operator downloads the file over the network, Windows considers it safe and provides full access. And then by running the code, you can remotely control the other computer. The safety test took a total of three hours.

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