Microsoft will provide Windows 10X exclusive functions to Windows 10

At an event held in New York last fall, Microsoft announced a special Windows 10X edition, which is a version specially developed by Microsoft for dual-screen and foldable devices.

In this version, Microsoft provides some exclusive features such as taskbar center setting and new start menu style, as well as container applications that support the virtualized operation.

Since then, Microsoft has confirmed that this version can also be installed and used on traditional laptops. Even Microsoft will take the lead in testing on traditional laptops.

As for the official release time of this version, it has been postponed many times. The slow development progress of Microsoft has also caused some manufacturers such as Intel to postpone the product release.

Windows 10X Start menu

According to news obtained by windowslatest, Microsoft is currently preparing to port some of the exclusive features of the Windows 10X version to the Windows 10 version and test it in the beta version.

For example, the container function will be the first to be provided to the Windows 10 Insider Preview. The reason for this change seems to be that Microsoft has encountered technical difficulties. Microsoft hopes to invite more users to test in the normal version of the test channel.

The container function is similar to virtualization technology such as a virtual sandbox. According to Microsoft instructions, users can run desktop software in the container to isolate the host machine for enhanced security.

The good news is that for those of us who use traditional devices, the line between the Windows 10 X version and the regular version is blurring, so we can get more new features.