Microsoft will cut off the Windows 10 mail app and develop a webmail app

The mail and calendar applications that come with Windows 10 are used by many users, but this application has to be cut off by Microsoft and replaced with new applications.

According to the news released by the well-known editor Zac Bowden, Microsoft is going to redevelop the Outlook app for Windows and Mac powered by the web to replace the mail application attached to the system.

Project Monarch is the current code name of the product, not the final name, and the news claims that the application is a cross-platform progressive web application.

This type of application is essentially a web page, so of course, it has a cross-platform nature. As long as users use a browser such as Microsoft Edge, they can use such web applications.

To be honest, we don’t quite understand the starting point of Microsoft’s strange practices. After all, in terms of actual experience, web applications are sometimes not as good as the client version.

Besides, if users want to use the web version, they can use it directly on Why use Project Monarch, a similar project?

According to the media speculation, Microsoft is preparing to build the so-called One Outlook, that is, this version is basically the same as the Slack or Microsoft Teams version.

But it has features such as offline storage and shared targets. In theory, any platform can use this web version without installing a specific client application.

However, not all users like web pages and progressive web applications, so there is quite a lot of controversy regarding this application.