Microsoft will add a new colorful Task Manager

The Microsoft engineering team showed off Windows 11’s new task manager in the Windows Insider podcast: support for displaying system-preset accent colors in the data bar. The accent color here refers to the color in the personalized settings, that is, the color of the title bar of the software window, which is now also supported in the task manager.

Specifically, it is displayed in the data of the task manager. Whether it is in dark mode or light mode, the accent color can be displayed for the convenience of users. Of course, there may be users who think this color combination does not look good, but it is not known whether Microsoft will provide an option to disable the accent color.

It is not yet known when this new feature will be released, but if it is fast, it is estimated that this week’s Windows 11 development version will support the feature. At the same time, the improvement of the task manager does not stop there. In the later period, Microsoft will make more interface improvements to the task manager, such as the location of the tabs.