Microsoft updates the Microsoft Edge browser interface

At the Build 2023 event, Microsoft announced numerous updates to the Microsoft Edge browser, not only integrating more applications of artificial intelligence but also introducing myriad new features tailored to the needs of enterprises and developers.

Previously, Microsoft had integrated the new version of Bing Search and the image auto-generation feature into the Microsoft Edge browser. Now, it announces the inclusion of Microsoft 365 Copilot service, enabling users to utilize Microsoft 365 application features and data content through artificial intelligence, and even issue operation commands directly through natural language, making Microsoft Edge a more convenient tool for users to complete daily work.

At present, natural language interaction is limited to English and available in the markets of the United States, India, and Australia. However, subsequent support for Chinese and Japanese interaction will be added, allowing users to use the Microsoft Edge browser more intelligently to complete daily work.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Edge browser will take on a brand new appearance, more closely aligned with the design aesthetics of Windows 11. This includes a modern interface and rounded design elements, along with further enhancements to user account management and multitasking capabilities.

As for the Microsoft Edge for Business browser, which is augmented to meet the requirements of enterprise work, it will further increase enterprise information security control and enhance productivity-oriented designs. It also incorporates Azure Active Directory (AAD) login features, making it easier for users to meet their daily internet needs through a single browser during hybrid work, while also completing assigned tasks during work hours.

Microsoft Edge for Business browser will start allowing controlled devices to preview from today, but will also open up to installations on uncontrolled devices in the future, with a distinct separation in the app icon.

The forthcoming Microsoft Edge Workspaces service, projected to be released to the public in the next few months, will allow multiple users to collaboratively work and interact on the same page, sharing project-related files and relevant discussion reference content. Moreover, all content will be synced in real-time and protected in a highly secure manner.

Other updates include simplifying the complexity of managing Microsoft Edge browser usage within the enterprise, making it easier for the mobile version of Microsoft Edge to access internal enterprise data via VPN. Moreover, the performance of PWA applications in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge has been improved. For developers, a focus mode and JSON view feature have been added to the Microsoft Edge browser, making it easier to adjust the original web page coding. Microsoft has also confirmed the enhancement of the WebView2 feature of the Microsoft Edge browser for HoloLens 2 and Xbox, along with JavaScript V8 and security enhancement features.