Microsoft is troubleshooting some of the Windows 10 application updates

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Those who like to update the application in the Windows Store have noticed that an error code has occurred when trying to download a new version of Windows 10 applications. Microsoft senior project manager Brandon LeBlanc said on Twitter, Microsoft has been aware of this problem, and will soon be to re-release these applications.

At present, the Windows Store still has the problem of downloading/updating certain stock applications. Specifically, when trying to download some stock application updates, the store will throw the 0x80073CF0 error code. Still not sure what caused the problem, nor was it certain that Microsoft posted a specific date for the patch, but Microsoft was aware of the problem and was working to solve the problem.

In other news, Microsoft recently renamed the Windows Store application on Windows 10 to the Microsoft Store. Now, this change only applies to the beta version of Windows 10. So it is clear that Microsoft may be testing the name change and collect feedback, and then promote it to a wider audience.

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