Microsoft terminated all technical support for its dual-screen mobile phone Surface Duo

A recent announcement from Microsoft has revealed that the dual-screen phone, Surface Duo, launched in October 2019 and officially sold in September 2020, has seen a cessation of all its technical support services as of September 10.

In terms of its operating system trajectory, the Surface Duo debuted with Android 10. Though an update to Android 11 was slated for release in 2021, it was only in 2022 that the device received this upgrade, subsequently transitioning to Android 12L. This cessation of support suggests a halt to further OS upgrades for this dual-screen device.

Apart from the Surface Duo, Microsoft has also declared that the Surface Duo 2, released in October 2021, is projected to see its technical support services conclude from October 21, 2024.

Surface Duo

Image: Microsoft

The Surface Duo, renowned for its twin-screen architecture, boasts a holistic multitasking experience, facilitated by its bifurcated display. The subsequent iteration, the Surface Duo 2, released in 2021, incorporated 5G connectivity. It also enhanced its tactile interaction by supporting a stylus for nuanced scribbling, while steadfastly adhering to the dual-screen modus operandi. This is orchestrated via two 5.8-inch PixelSense displays with a 13:9 aspect ratio and a 90Hz refresh rate, conjointly providing an approximate 8.3-inch viewing expanse.

In the whispers surrounding the prospective Surface Duo 3, there’s speculation that Microsoft might diverge from the established design paradigm. However, it will presumably retain its iconic dual-screen functionality, but the originally 360-degree foldable design might be reimagined to a maximum fold of 180 degrees.

Microsoft has scheduled a special event in New York on September 21, Eastern US time, to unveil new additions to the Surface lineup. As of now, it remains a mystery whether this will include a new iteration of the Surface Duo.