Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft revealed the new Start Menu in Windows 10

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Microsoft has previously revealed that it will design a new version of the start menu for Windows 10. At the same time, the dynamic tile function that has been used for a long time has actually been abandoned by Microsoft.

Microsoft said that the dynamic tile function will not be deleted so other developers can still use the dynamic tile, but Microsoft itself no longer uses dynamic tiles.

At the communication meeting held for Windows 10 test users last night, Microsoft has announced a new menu screenshot. The new Start Menu preview has slightly changed in layout.

The biggest problem in the start menu of the current version is the color block. The dynamic tile function will form a color after applying the icon, so it is not good-looking to match the system theme.

The new version of the start menu that Microsoft showed last night allows us to see that the application icons will no longer be surrounded by color blocks. At this time, it is more beautiful to match the system theme.

Similarly, if you switch to the dark mode, the background will also become dark to match, unlike the color of the start menu in dark and light mode will not change.

What’s interesting is that the actual change is very similar to the style of the Windows 10X version. At present, Microsoft has not announced the release date of the new version of the start menu, but if there is no accident, we will soon be able to experience it in Windows 10 21H1.

Via: windowslatest