Microsoft released Web Activities extension for seeing your browsing activities

Web Activities extension

Previously, developers developed Windows 10 timeline extensions for Google Chrome, allowing browsing records to be viewed across multiple devices. Now Microsoft has developed the official version of the timeline extension itself, Web Activities, users can install this extension to log in to the Microsoft account to synchronize the browsing history.

After installing and logging in to the Microsoft account, the extension will automatically read the Google browser browsing history, and the browsing history will be uploaded to the Microsoft service for saving.

If you open the timeline function on a Windows 10 computer that is logged in to the same Microsoft account, all browsing history saved in the cloud will be downloaded to the local merge.

At the same time, if the user uses the Android device and installs the Microsoft Launcher, the browsing history on the computer will be synchronized to the mobile terminal to continue access.

Of course, this is a computer-side extension, so it is not possible to synchronize the activity record of the Android browser. Users who use the timeline can download the extension program and try it out.