Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Microsoft recorded user conversations in the Xbox and forwarded them to the contractor for analysis

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Earlier we mentioned that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon were found to quietly record the user’s conversations and then hand them over to the contractors for analysis. Other companies except Microsoft have stopped this practice, and Microsoft has responded strongly to the need to provide better services for human beings.

Project xCloud
Image: xbox

Microsoft is still continuing to use Microsoft Cortana to collect user conversations, and Microsoft has also updated its privacy policy to inform users that voices will be collected and transcribed. However, Microsoft did not disclose it in advance before Cortana was found to have transcribed the user’s conversation. Just as Xbox was also found to be transcribed, Microsoft did not inform in advance.

Although the dialogue recording is performed only when the user actively triggers the command according to the design principle, sometimes the user may accidentally activate and then record in the background. Of course, Microsoft will also upload and upload all audio messages indiscriminately, including those that may involve private messages or private content.

Via: Motherboard