Microsoft Productivity Score tool has caused controversy

Microsoft launched a new productivity tool, Productivity Score, for enterprises. Productivity Score is a product mainly used to monitor and quantify employee work.

For companies, this may help managers improve employee productivity, but for employees, it is undoubtedly a digital monitoring method to monitor all the time.

Especially in the update released this week, Microsoft has further enhanced the function of the productivity scoring tool, and can even perform quantitative scoring for different employee jobs.

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Obviously, this kind of behavior is beyond the scope that corporate employees can reasonably accept. After the launch of the new version, a large number of netizens questioned Microsoft for helping companies monitor employees in real-time.

After arousing widespread criticism, Microsoft has responded and immediately began to improve the productivity scoring tool, including the removal of personal quantitative scores and promises to protect privacy.

In the blog, the corporate vice president of Microsoft 365 said that he will pay more attention to privacy protection, and will only count and quantify aggregate scores instead of individual employee scores.

In fact, the quantitative scoring module of a single employee is deleted, but in the background, the tool will continue to collect employee work information and perform quantitative scoring.

In this way, business managers can measure the production efficiency of this part or the entire enterprise based on the aggregate score, avoiding blame on employees due to individual scoring problems.

In addition, Microsoft has also begun to focus on measuring the adoption of new technologies rather than how much work employees complete. Microsoft said that the essential purpose is never to measure the quantitative scores of individual employees.

Finally, the name of the employee is no longer displayed in the quantitative score, so as to prevent the enterprise manager from treating employees differently or squeezing employees as much as possible through the so-called quantitative score.

Via: engadget