Microsoft plans to make it easier to set default software and pin commonly used applications in Windows 11

Microsoft has recently revealed plans to improve Windows 11 by making it easier to set default software options, as well as allowing users to intuitively adjust software items pinned to the start menu.

As Windows 11 has significantly changed the interface of previous versions of Windows, many users have found it difficult to locate the software items they are used to. Microsoft has announced that it will further adjust the settings options of Windows 11 to make it easier for users to adjust software settings.

In addition, Microsoft also stated that it will enable users to more easily pin frequently used or habitually used software to the start menu. The company emphasizes that users will have more control and avoid having their settings influenced by other factors.

Microsoft plans to provide testing of these adjustments through the Windows Insider Dev Channel in the coming months to confirm whether they meet the needs of most users.