Microsoft plans to launch the xCloud browser version to iOS

Microsoft is currently focusing on investing in its cloud gaming platform xCloud. Although the platform has been launched on the Google Store, Apple does not allow Microsoft to list it.

Recently, Apple released a review policy related to cloud games. Apple requires that each game be listed on the Apple Store as an independent game and must be purchased through an in-app purchase mechanism.

However, policy restrictions have prevented Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform from being available on the Apple Store, so Microsoft is thinking of new ways to make xCloud run on the iOS platform.

At present, Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform is mainly run through client software. Of course, according to Microsoft’s plan, a web version will also be provided on the premise that the performance requirements are met.

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However, on Apple devices, Microsoft seems to have to load it through the network. Because of policy issues, it cannot be listed, so Microsoft is going to bypass the restrictions through the network.

The media reported that Microsoft is planning to launch a dedicated browser for cloud games. After installing this browser, users can log in to the Microsoft cloud gaming platform to play games.

This strategy can bypass Apple’s store review policy and in-app purchase mechanism, but it is still a problem whether it is purely based on the network, especially whether the mobile browser can guarantee performance.

Via: businessinsider