Microsoft plans to add widgets to the Windows 11 desktop

A hallmark feature of Windows 7 was the ability to adorn one’s desktop with various gadgets, such as clocks, calendars, media players, photo collages, and to-do lists.

However, since Windows 8, gadgets were eliminated, and although they could be reinstalled through third-party software, the lack of native support led most users to abandon them. This trend persisted in Windows 10 and Windows 11, where desktop gadgets remained unavailable.

With the advent of Windows 11, Microsoft introduced widget panels, gradually opening them to third-party developers last year, allowing third-party apps to develop their widgets for inclusion within the panel.

Microsoft is now poised to take a step further, planning to support pinning widgets to the desktop, essentially mirroring the gadget functionality of Windows 7, although the specific design remains unclear.

It seems that widget functionality remains one of Microsoft’s key areas of focus, as evidenced by the dedicated Windows Widgets conference held during Build 2023, likely to promote widgets, announce new features, and attract greater developer participation.

Via: Neowin