Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Microsoft operating system for the rumored Centaurus device will be named Windows 10 X

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We know that a long time ago Microsoft was preparing a lightweight version called Windows 10 Lite, which is quite different from the normal version in terms of the user interface. This version is also mainly for dual screens or other types of variants. However, there have been rumors that Microsoft has given up the series of equipment for the codename Centaurus, but from the latest news, Microsoft may still retain the project.

Windows Core Geekbench

A new leak from Evan Blass on Twitter, Microsoft is likely to introduce a new system that supports dual-screen or foldable screens at the October 2 Surface event tonight. And this new operating system is actually the Windows 10 lightweight version we have already mentioned, and its final name may be called Windows 10 X. It’s unclear whether Microsoft will introduce a new Surface product with a dual-screen or foldable screen, but this version may also be shared with other manufacturers.

For users, the biggest feature of this version is lightweight, which means that devices with lower hardware configurations can also get a very smooth operation experience. This may be good news for entry-level Windows 10 tablets, and perhaps to increase the overall sales of tablets.

We know that in the Windows RT era, Microsoft was criticized for not being compatible with traditional desktop programs, so Microsoft subsequently introduced the simulator on the ARM platform. The emulator enables the ARM platform to run Win32 desktop programs, and Microsoft is using the same strategy in the upcoming Windows 10 X release. For the user, some well-known software has already released ARM special edition, and other 32-bit programs can be compatible through this x86 simulator.