Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Microsoft Office 365 home and business subscribers have reached 214 million

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Recently, Microsoft’s stock price continued to rise and the overall market value reached trillions of dollars. The stock price was high thanks to Microsoft’s recent bright earnings report. From the financial report, we can see that Microsoft’s revenue in cloud services has hit record highs, and cloud services are not only rich in revenue but also maintain a high growth rate. Microsoft’s cloud services include Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. These services have become Microsoft’s current pillar industries.

Microsoft launched a subscription service based on Microsoft Office office software a few years ago. The subscription service includes cloud services to meet the needs of current users. The subscription service is now also Microsoft’s main push business, of course, for Microsoft, the subscription service is more profitable than the Microsoft Office buyout.

Office 365 Home Subscription Edition

According to Microsoft, the number of Microsoft Office 365 subscribers has reached 214 million, and this number is still growing at a high speed. Most of these users are enterprise-level subscribers, but the total number of subscribers in the Personal and Home editions has reached 34.2 million.

Via: mspoweruser