Microsoft offers free course on self-generated AI

Microsoft has announced a new initiative to offer complimentary courses through the LinkedIn platform, empowering users to acquire knowledge and skills pertaining to artificial intelligence, and subsequently earn certifications.

The course content aims to instruct users on efficient strategies to utilize auto-generative AI for content creation through descriptive language. It also encompasses various tactics to employ when utilizing AI, thereby enabling users to rapidly adapt to the trending application of AI technology.

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This certification program forms part of Microsoft’s employment aid efforts, attracting more participants through free courses and allowing users to obtain professional certification. However, currently, only English certification courses are offered. In the coming months, there are plans to gradually introduce courses in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

Furthermore, Microsoft provides resources specifically for educators, including guidelines on how to explain the application of AI technology.

Simultaneously, Microsoft has launched a development funding program that leverages AI technology to assist more individuals. The program is jointly promoted by, Microsoft’s AI for Good Lab, and GitHub. The hope is to encourage the development of auto-generative AI applications through non-profit and social research methods. These initiatives could potentially earn financial support, educational resources, and the use of Microsoft’s cloud service platform, thereby narrowing the development gap in AI technology.