September 20, 2020

Microsoft launches free Python tutorials for beginners in data science and machine learning

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In September last year, Microsoft launched a set of free tutorial videos for Python beginners. Starting from the basic introduction and the configuration of the VS Code, the basic content such as the grammatical concept is explained step by step. So far, the series of video playback has viewed nearly 1.8 million times.

Python creator

Recently, on this basis, Microsoft has renewed two series of tutorials for beginners of Python, as a supplement to the previous tutorials, and advanced. Therefore, these two new series are not for pure Python novices, but for people who have a little knowledge of Python and may have coding experience in other languages. These two new series are called “More Python for Beginners” and “Even More Python for Beginners: Data Tools.”

More Python for Beginners contains 20 videos, each of which varies in length from 2-15 minutes. The content covers formatting and Linting, Lambda, processing files, asynchronous operations, and so on. The series was explained by Microsoft senior project manager Christopher Harrison and Microsoft AI game business development manager Susan Ibach.

The “Even More Python for Beginners: Data Tools” series is clearly related to data science. Harrison and Ibach said it will help students build toolkits to use Python for data science and machine learning. There are 31 videos in the series, covering the use of Jupyter Notebooks and some popular data science Python libraries, such as NumPy and Pandas.