Microsoft joins OpenChain for standardization of open source compliance

In recent years, Microsoft has embraced the open source community and has become an important member. Recently, the software giant announced that they have joined the OpenChain project as a Platinum member. OpenChain is committed to making the organization’s open source license compliance simpler and more consistent. As a project member, Microsoft will actively participate in the definition and best practices of open source software compliance standards.

Open Network Emulator

As a result, companies can use Microsoft (and other) open source technologies in a heterogeneous environment. In addition, Microsoft will join the OpenChain Management Committee, and its early members include Adobe, ARM Holdings, Cisco, Comcast, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Harman International, Hitachi, Qualcomm, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Uber, and Western Digital.

David Rudin, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft, said

Trust is key to open source, and compliance with open source licenses is an important part of building that trust. By joining the OpenChain Project, we look forward to working alongside the community to define compliance standards that help build confidence in the open source ecosystem and supply chain.

Via: mspoweruser