Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Microsoft is working on a more reliable system for automatically updating drivers

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Microsoft said in the latest blog post on the official technology blog that the company is currently working on a more stable and reliable driver automation update system.
The primary purpose of this automated update system is to test driver and firmware compatibility, thereby reducing the blue screen of death caused by the new driver.

As you know, Microsoft’s recent cumulative update has caused a blue screen on HP devices. The survey found that compatibility issues drive the blue screen.

At the same time, Microsoft also pushed the wrong audio driver to many Intel sound card users. This error caused a lot of users to play the sound usually.

Given this, Microsoft said that the automated update system being researched would automatically test and check potential problems to avoid pushing the user to cause a blue screen of death and so on.

Microsoft: The long-term goal is not to cause any problems

Microsoft said in the blog that the company has several goals for the new update system, such as pushing only when a tiny number of users fail.

It is even predictable that no user can fail to push, etc. These processes are all automated and do not require manual operation by the user.

Of course, it is still challenging to achieve this goal. After all, it is evident that there have been many pitfalls in the past due to automatic updates.

As for when this new system can be used, it is still unclear, but according to the tone of the blog post, it should not be officially used in the short term.