Microsoft is porting the Windows 10X’ Action Center to Windows 10

We have already introduced a lot of Windows 10X version before. Simply put, this version is like a Windows RT system replica.

Because this version also does not support running desktop software and can only run Microsoft Store apps and web apps, the available functions for consumers will be severely lost.

According to Microsoft’s description, this version is mainly targeted at the education market. For elementary and middle school students, only supporting apps from Microsoft Store and web apps is actually not a bad thing.

Of course, there are some differences in this version that are worth looking forward to for ordinary users, that is, the lightest and smart user interface of the Windows 10X version.

The taskbar of the Windows 10X version is centered and the start menu and Action Center are different from the normal version. This user interface looks fresh to us.

The good news is that Microsoft is already migrating the Action Center to the Windows 10 version, and the relevant code has been seen in the beta version, but it may not be directly usable currently.

The new Action Center divides the content into different panels, namely the notification panel and the quick operation panel. The system will also adjust the panel according to user needs.

This kind of Action Center uses Microsoft’s smooth design system to look better than Windows 10’s Action Center, which is also part of the Sun Valley project mentioned by Microsoft.

As planned, the user interface improvements brought by the Sun Valley project will come in the new version this fall, and interested users can follow the news of the subsequent beta version.

Via: windowslatest