Microsoft is improving Windows 10 Device Manager to quickly load new drivers

Drivers are necessary for the operation of many hardware such as monitors, mice, keyboards, and various devices. Without the drivers, this hardware may not work.

Under normal circumstances, Windows 10 will automatically download adapted drivers from the Microsoft database after connecting to a new device. These drivers can ensure the operation of the device.

But the problem is that these drivers provided by Microsoft are usually old versions rather than the latest drivers. If users want to use the new features of some accessories, new drivers are needed.

The installation of a new driver usually requires our device manufacturer’s website to download the driver installation package, and then update the driver through the device manager driver management.

Microsoft is now improving the driver installation process in the beta version, reducing the user’s operating steps to improve operating efficiency so that users can quickly complete the work.

In the new Device Manager beta version, Microsoft’s new feature is that the driver management function automatically recognizes the device corresponding to the driver. The user should first select the device and then select the driver.

Now after downloading the driver installation package, the user only needs to unzip it and then go to the device manager, click on add device and then select the driver folder.

In this process, the user does not need to specify the device type or specific device. When adding a device, the system will automatically recognize and complete the installation according to the driver.

However, according to the current test, this function does not seem to be perfect, because automatic recognition is only supported when new devices are added. Automatic recognition of updated drivers is not supported.

If you want to update the driver, you still have to select the specific device first, then click Update Driver in the properties, and then select the corresponding driver folder to complete the update.

In addition to the feature update, Microsoft also updated the view interface of the Device Manager, including Devices by drivers, Drivers by type, and Drivers by devices.

If a device is no longer in use or a new version of the driver has been upgraded, you can quickly delete the unnecessary driver files and the old version of the driver files.

These are the new features provided in the Windows 10 Insider Preview version and are also Sun Valley updates, so this change should meet with us in the autumn version.

Via: windowslatest