Microsoft is developing Tab feature for Notepad app

In an earlier Windows 11 update, Microsoft brought tabs to File Manager for users. According to Windows Central, Microsoft may be adding this feature to more applications, such as Notepad.

According to a screenshot (now deleted) tweeted by a Microsoft employee obtained by Windows Central, the tab page of this internal notebook version is like a file manager, and the rest is consistent with the current version. It is not known whether there are more changes.
At the same time, this screenshot also has an obvious red prompt: confidential, do not discuss this function or screenshots, it can be seen that this function is still in the internal development stage. It is still unknown when this feature will be officially announced and provided to Windows Insider pioneers to experience it first.
For users who need to edit multiple .txt and other plain text files at the same time, the addition of this feature has to be said to be a good thing, if they haven’t used Visual Studio Code or other more feature-rich editors that support various plug-ins.