Microsoft is developing a Chromium-based browser codenamed “Anaheim” that will replace Edge on Windows 10

According to windowscentralMicrosoft intends to abandon its own rendering engine EdgeHTML, and instead use Google’s open-source browser Chromium. At present, windowscentral has found a new browser code-named “Anaheim” on the Windows 10 platform. It is not clear whether the Edge brand will be used after the official release.

EdgeHTML is a processor rendering engine designed by Microsoft. It is characterized by the fast response, lightweight and secure. Then Microsoft introduced many functions based on this engine. Although compared to Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, Edge based on this engine has advantages in terms of security and battery life, but there are many problems in the process of use and instability, and can not compete with these mainstream browsers.

It is unclear whether Anaheim will use the Edge brand or define a new brand directly, or whether the user interface between Edge and Anaheim is different.

Currently, Microsoft has been using Chromium source code on Android’s Edge browser. With the recent news about Microsoft’s mysterious Windows Lite operating system, the unveiling of the Anaheim project will make the company’s future development a focus. Microsoft has not confirmed or denied any information related to it.