Microsoft hosts the first Linux conference WSLConf

Microsoft announced the news that WSLConf will be held in Microsoft HQ in March next year. WSLConf is the first Linux-related conference hosted by Microsoft. It mainly discusses WSL, covers the latest developments of the platform, and introduces WSL and some IDEs. Such as the integration of Visual Studio and JetBrains.

Canonical has announced that it will be a “special sponsor” of WSLConf. After all, Ubuntu is the earliest Linux distribution cooperated with Microsoft and it is also the most popular version in WSL.


WSLConf includes the following topics:

  • Build, test, and deploy with Kubernetes on WSL
  • Accelerating Internet of Things development with WSL
  • The latest news from the WSL and Windows Terminal teams
  • Demos of WSL integration with Visual Studio and JetBrains IDEs
  • A technical deep-dive on the new WSL2-based Docker Desktop for Windows
  • Question and answer session with Ben Hillis, the lead developer of WSL
  • How to secure WSL deployments in the enterprise environment
  • WSL for long-time UNIX system administrators