Microsoft has launched a new Windows Server 2022 RTM version

Earlier, Microsoft announced the technical preview version of Windows Server 2022. After a long period of preview, the new version is now officially available for download.

According to the official Microsoft blog, this new server operating system brings many new functions and features, such as a new security kernel that can protect running programs.

At the same time, this version also improves the container, so that applications such as .NET, ASP.NET, IIS, and other applications have cross-version compatibility and better containerization tools.

The new version is now available as a production version to Microsoft partners and OEM manufacturers for evaluation. Microsoft encourages companies to actively evaluate the system.

Windows Server Insider Preview build 19008

Although Windows Server 2022 has been released as the RTM version, Microsoft currently does not recommend that developers and enterprises deploy and use it directly in a production environment.

The reason is that although Windows Server 2022 has reached the RTM stage but has not yet reached the GA stage, the so-called GA stage refers to general availability.

In other words, Microsoft has not prepared the new technical documents, guides, and supporting content, and the new operating system will not have general availability until it is ready.

Therefore, for enterprises, Microsoft’s suggestion is that it can be downloaded and installed for evaluation, but it is not recommended to deploy in a production environment until Microsoft is fully prepared.

Enterprise users who already have subscription rights can download it directly from the subscription portal. After downloading, it can be used after activation using the specified method.

Developers and ordinary users can download the evaluation version if they don’t have permission to subscribe to the portal. The evaluation version is valid for 180 days and can be used directly after downloading.

If you want to download the non-evaluation version, that is, the stable version, you may need to wait for the subsequent online circulation. Of course, it still needs to be activated at that time or it cannot be used.

The good news is that Microsoft has announced the Windows Server 2022 GVLK private key in advance, which is used as the public key for KMS activation.