Microsoft has fixed 4 known Windows 10/11 printer issues

Recently, users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 should have been tortured by the printer problem, which caused the printer to be unusable.

Printing-related issues first started when the vulnerability was discovered in the summer, and then Microsoft introduced multiple updates to adjust security policies to block the security vulnerabilities of the printing service.

It is also from that time that corporate printers began to experience various working abnormalities, the most important of which was that the printer could not be installed normally or could not print after installation.

Related issues also affect the latest Windows 11 system. According to the latest announcement issued by Microsoft, four printing issues have been fixed.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22489

However, Microsoft has identified a new printing issue released to KB5006674. After installation of KB5006674, Windows print clients might encounter the following errors when connecting to a remote printer shared on a Windows print server:

  • 0x000006e4 (RPC_S_CANNOT_SUPPORT)
  • 0x0000007c (ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL)