Microsoft has confirmed that these features are no longer available in Windows 11

It is expected that Microsoft will sign the official version of Windows 11 and distribute it to partners next month, but there are still many users who are still reporting various functional improvements.

Among them, the taskbar cannot be moved and the taskbar cannot quickly open the taskbar manager is a foregone suggestion. These are changes that have been highly voted on by users.

And the calendar module no longer integrates the event reminder function also annoyed many users, but during the period, there were rumors that this was just a bug, and Microsoft will fix it in the future.

It turns out that the event reminder function integrated into the calendar module has been completely deleted. Microsoft engineers said that the calendar option has been integrated into the news and interest module.

In Windows 10, Microsoft provides the calendar module with the quick creation of new events and event reminders. This function is quite practical for many office users.

In Windows 11, the calendar content will still pop up after clicking the time in the notification area, but the calendar options and event-related content are no longer provided here.

“Thank you so much for giving us your feedback. While we’ll continue to use your feedback to guide the future of features like this, currently on Windows 11, there is a calendar option in the new widgets experience that you can use to quickly see your personal calendar and its events,” the company said in a Feedback Hub post upvoted by more than 1,000 users.

The response of the Microsoft engineer in the feedback center did not solve the actual problem. Some users posted that the widget was full of news information and much non-essential content.

Users only need to be able to quickly open and view their own calendar events, so it is the best way to restore the event content in the calendar module.

In addition, the time zone now no longer supports displaying seconds. Previously, users could modify the registry to display the date, hour, minute, and second in the time zone.

In Windows 11, the relevant registry option has been deleted. A Microsoft engineer posted a post saying that I am sorry that this is not a registry key supported by Windows 11.

Via: windowslatest