Microsoft has completely removed the Windows To Go in Windows 10 Version 2004

In 2011, Microsoft introduced the Windows To Go tool for enterprise users. The main purpose of this tool is to create a portable operating system partition.

For example, we can use this tool to burn the complete operating system to a USB flash drive, and then directly start the private system in the USB flash drive on other computers.

The advantage of this portable system is that you don’t have to use someone else’s computer even when you are away from home. Your own data is completely controlled without worrying about leakage.

Therefore, there are still many people who are more concerned about security in enterprise-level customers to use this portable system, but the function has been completely deleted in Windows 10 version 2004.

This portable operating system is actually quite good in a sense, but Microsoft has its own reason to delete and stop supporting the tool.

The reason why deleting this tool is very important is that the times are evolving. Everyone now has a mobile device and works on the mobile device. There is no need to use a portable system. Secondly, for enterprise users, they can bring their own laptops if necessary. They are not as expensive as they used to be.

Therefore, Microsoft believes that Windows To Go and portable systems are products that do not need to be maintained, so Microsoft has announced that it has abandoned this tool earlier.

Microsoft initially announced the deprecation of the tool in Windows 10 Version 1903. At that time, it was only deprecated but users can still find and continue to use it.

In the latest release of Windows 10 Version 2004, the tool was completely deleted, and enterprise users can no longer find it in the control panel.