Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Microsoft has a patent for foldable Windows 10 PC

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Microsoft is developing a foldable dual-screen Windows 10 PC codenamed “Centaurus,” and is expected to discuss it in detail at the hardware conference held in New York on October 2. Although we don’t know much about the upcoming folding equipment, a patent that has been exposed recently has unveiled its tip of the iceberg. On September 10, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a new patent for Microsoft’s “Device with Split imaging system.”

The document indicates that Microsoft envisioned a device with two main parts. Some of them include the “movable imaging unit” and the other part contains the so-called “optical unit“. “In the first mode, the imaging unit and the optical unit are fixed in a set relative position due to magnetic interaction between the magnets. In the second mode, the imaging unit is positioned away from the optical unit,” Microsoft explained. “Some or all of the above embodiments have a technical effect of making use of the separate body sections that a foldable, sliding or modular device may have”.

Microsoft explained that some or all of the above solutions utilize foldable, sliding or modular devices, and the split-camera design is expected to make the device thinner.

Source: MSPU