Microsoft forces users to use Microsoft Edge to access the website

Earlier we mentioned that Microsoft brought a compatibility list through the Microsoft Edge browser update, which will be called every time the IE browser is started.

When visiting the websites in the list, users will be redirected to the Microsoft prompt page, and Microsoft stated that these websites no longer support the use of Internet Explorer to continue visiting.

At the same time, Microsoft will require users to download and install the Microsoft Edge browser and import IE browsers data such as bookmarks and other content to complete the browser switch.

Originally, this compatibility list had only a few well-known websites, but in the latest update, this compatibility list has included 1,156 well-known websites.

Redirection Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge

IE browser is indeed no longer supported by many websites due to compatibility issues. Usually, when users visit the website, the website will pop up prompting the user to switch to other browsers. Microsoft may continue to add more websites to the compatibility list in the follow-up.

Via: ZDNet