September 30, 2020

Microsoft forces users to install Chromium Microsoft Edge browser

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At present, Microsoft has fully switched to the Microsoft Edge based on the Chromium browser, and the development of the old browser has been completely stopped.

It is also true that since the first half of this year, Microsoft has been gradually pushing Chromium Microsoft Edge browsers through optional updates, and users cannot actively uninstall them after the installation. Microsoft is turning optional updates into mandatory updates.

Edge default search engine

At present, Microsoft has pushed the browser update to Windows 10 v1803 – v2004, which is actually the Microsoft Edge browser installation package.

The update for Windows 10 is KB4576753 and KB4576754. Both of these updates are set to be installed automatically, so they will be installed automatically as long as users connect to the Internet.

After the installation is complete, the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser will be automatically fixed on the taskbar, and an icon will be generated on the desktop to remind users to use it.

It is worth noting that Chromium Microsoft Edge does not support uninstallation after installation. Microsoft said that the browser is an important component of the system and does not support uninstallation.

Via: betanews